Welcome to Europe!

Since it's always overcast in Europe I used an auto-contrast fix on all pics so some look weird.
Yes I know a lot of the first pics are covered in dust but I'm too lazy to rescan right now.

Cities are in the order I went to them.
| London | Edinburgh | Loch Ness | Dublin | Paris | Versailles |
| Madrid | Barcelona | Nice | Florence | Rome | Vatican City |
| Venice | Zurich | Munich | Dauchau | Budapest | Vienna |
| Prague | Berlin ( no pics ;[ ) | Sundsvall | Copenhagen |
| Amsterdam | Brussels |

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**NEW**  Check out this table of the places we stayed at organized by city!

Answers to frequently asked questions in no order whatsoever:

We took trains everywhere.  We had a 2 month unlimited Eurailpass that covered everywhere but England, Scotland, and the Czech Republic which cost extra.

The line on the map from Ireland to France was a 19 hour ferry.

Total trip expenses were around $6,500 each including the $550 plane ticket and the $1,100 train pass.

We mostly stayed in hostels and only stayed in cheap hotels if there were no hostels available or they were out of the way.

No we didn't see the Loch Ness Monster and locals told us we would have to drink a pint of whiskey in order to do so.

I can't pick a favorite city because they are all great in their own way and I'd love to go back to any of them but the ones I definitely want to spend more time in are Rome, Venice, and Prague.

We didn't really have any language problems.  A couple times we got turned away and just had to go talk to someone else.  The worst it got was in Madrid when we had to get up and point at the food we wanted and they just cooked it however they wanted to and gave it to us (whatever it was it was delicious).

The closest we got to any type of crime was in Rome.  We met a couple guys and decided to go to Vatican City.  They were walkers but we convinced them to take the subway and the second we got on a gypsy girl pick pocketed both of them!  Luckily they were quick and got their money back and then she just disappeared into the crowd.

The reason we didn't go to the party island Ibiza is because we didn't know it existed until we had far surpassed that part of Europe when some people told us about it.

Prague was by far the cheapest and the quality of food was amazing.  An entire 5 course meal including additional appetizers, desserts, and 2 bottles of wine for 5 people cost $30.  I've heard that Prague is the most expensive city in Eastern Europe but I don't know if I could handle it any cheaper!

I wrote a little journal every couple cities with notes about each one.  I finally typed it up so lo and behold click here to read my nonsense!
Warning:  It's long.

Most asked about pictures:

The top picture on this page is the Smart Car.  It's designed by Mercedes and made by Swatch.

Yes that's Abraham Lincoln in this picture.

This picture and this picture are from the inside of the Pantheon looking out the hole at the top.

This picture is the Royal Pet Cemetery.

The statue that has a series of pictures in Madrid is the only public statue of Satan in the world.  No, they're not sure why it's there either.

This is William Wallace and this is Robert the Bruce.  They guard the entrance to the Edinburgh Castle.

This is the Père LaChaise Cemetery where Jim Morrison's grave is but the film with my pictures of it disappeared.

This picture shows various types and colors of broken bottle glass cemented into the top of the wall.  Perhaps France's recycling program?